I can tell such a difference in Hadas from the trauma release!!”
SC - Maryland

“Hadas got an utterly fantastic report today. Only small place in the liver is showing organisms. No cancer, no lesions seen and the liver is so much smaller. Thank you for your efforts”
SC - Maryland

After weeks of chronic pain in my right shoulder, I woke up Sunday morning pain free.  Yay…you’re awesome!  Now the challenge is for me to keep it that way."                 Take care. --MB - Maryland  


"I really did feel amazing yesterday after your healing therapy. I was not feeling well at all when you started and shortly after you left I really had more energy and felt better all the way around... you are truly gifted!! :)" CW - Maryland

"I asked Victoria if my son, Luke, could come in for a Healing Touch session. I had spoken to Luke about my sessions and he wanted to do one. During the initial discussions with Victoria, Luke mentioned he was having problems with 10th grade English (his grade was a 37%), and I was at my wits end. Victoria decided to do an attitude-shifting session. On the last day of class, the teacher congratulated the class on a job well done and how impressed she was with the progress of one student. Without mentioning names, she went on to say how this student had a bad attitude at the beginning of the semester, but with hard work, he turned it around and brought his grade up to an A. Luke said the teacher was looking at him the whole time she was talking, the class started looking at him, and then everyone started clapping. Whatever Victoria did, my son was able to move forward, and tackle his most hated subject, with surprising success. I don't know if one session can help all our kids, but it sure made a good start with mine."
-BG - Maryland

"In November of 2007, I experienced major back problems caused by sciatica and spinal stenosis. The muscle relaxer and pain killer helped to the extent that I was able to get out of bed. The options given to me were physical therapy, a steroidal injection into my spine and/or surgery to put spacers between the discs where the stenosis was.

So I started PT (physical therapy) and have to say that it did help with the sciatica, however, it did little or nothing to help with the pain caused by the stenosis. My symptoms were mainly cramping and/or spasms of the leg muscles causing extreme pain. It would literally stop me in my tracks. Activity would set this off, so walking for more than 5 minutes was not an option, plus I was unable to drive for more than a few minutes without pain. I decided on another course of action, but because of my limited activity, driving to get Healing Touch work was out of the question, so Victoria started doing distance work on me.

Within 24-48 hours of the first session, I started to feel better. At first I noticed a feeling of relaxation which helped to decrease the frequency of the spasms. Then as I continued receiving Healing Touch, the spasms in my left leg stopped entirely and decreased in frequency and intensity in my right leg. I found I had more freedom of movement which allowed me to sleep better (because I wasn’t awakened by pain when I moved in my sleep). I continue to improve with each session and now my primary problem is not overdoing it!

Victoria is a gifted healer and has worked with me throughout this whole process. When we talked after each session, she often had picked up changes that I had not mentioned or noticed before we started. She always followed up and I felt that she was truly concerned for my well-being and helped immensely with my healing process. I feel very fortunate to have been able to avoid invasive procedures."

"I'm not one to believe in the exclusive healing power of alternative healing methods. But today, I became a believer. I called Victoria wreathing in pain. It was late this Friday afternoon on the first day after summer ended. I know this wasn't a psychosomatic pain. It was a sharp shooting pain. The doctor's office said to call back Monday. Victoria, on the other hand, offered to send me a distance healing session within half hour. Once she began working on me, I (miraculously) fell asleep. On waking up an hour later, the sharp, shooting pain in my stomach had gone down from a 9 to a 2 (on a scale of 1 to 10).  If the pain returns, I will see a doctor, but the way Victoria handled my sudden symptoms was as professional as any doctor I could have gone too, not to mention the immediacy of the response. Thank you. You were an angel in disguise."  S-Herndon, VA

"Thank you so much!!! I felt better as the day and night went on and could not have done it with out you!!!I couldn't think my way out of that one.  I woke up in the night a few times feeling less pain all around." S-Maryland

"Victoria Stewart’s biofield energy therapy for the past two years has dramatically helped me with challenging health issues I have been addressing for several years.  She has added to, and complemented other holistic therapies I use. During this time my MRI check ups improved from being suspicious to becoming normal. A few months ago my MD put me on a low dose of thyroid supplement. We knew my endocrine system needed help. Several weeks ago I was one of the first people to receive Victoria’s new endocrine system healing technique. Since then I have requested it for every appointment with her. I felt as if my wiring system was cleaned so that it was easier to think more rapidly and clearly. I also believe that some long standing karmic issues are clearly subsiding. These had continued despite years of treatments with a variety of other techniques. Since they involved second chakra issues of relationships and money, this is a huge improvement in my life." S.R. - Pennsylvania

"Before I left for work today Jack seems to back to his old self.  He ate very well this morning, he ran out the back door this morning even though I told him he needed to be careful.  I talked with my father about 15 minutes ago and he said Jack was doing fine. Thanks for all your help!"
-CB- Maryland

"Rosie, my miniature schnauzer 's eye became inflamed. The eye was cloudy, red and there was a thick discharge that kept the fur around her eye matted. The vet diagnosed her with chronic dry eye, she was given drops that I was to administer once a day, every day, for the rest of her life. After one treatment with Victoria, I could immediately see the difference in her eye, it was clear, bright and shining. Since that day her eyes remain clear and bright. There has been no more discharge from her eye and I have not administered a single drop in her eyes since the day of her treatment. When I took her back to the vet for a follow up, they said her tear production was exactly where it should be, and that I should keep doing what I was doing. They were stunned to find out Rosie hadn't had the medication they prescribed for over a month."
-CH - Maryland

"As many practitioners and veterinarians explain, our animals reflect our health. I believe that my energy system now transmits a much healthier vibration, which is easier for those around me. I have 3 cats and 2 horses. So when my energy stresses them, their adverse effects are worrisome, expensive and time consuming. We have used many techniques trying to protect them from the unhealthy energy. And my endocrine repairs have clearly helped.

The most dramatic improvement I see is my cat Felix’s asthma which began many years ago due to nearly dying from an environmental toxin. He now needs his medication every 12 hours instead of every 8. And this began several weeks before he had his own endocrine healing appointment yesterday. I discovered Felix’s improved health because several times right after my first endocrine treatment, I came home to find that he was feeling fine and breathing easily, even though he had not eaten his medicated treat when his timer dish opened several hours earlier. Previously he would have an attack if his medicine was late, or even if it was on time. He ate his cat food snack, so clearly he chose to skip the medication, which he normally eats first. His asthma attacks are now weeks apart instead of every few days. I had restricted my travels to day trips because the asthma treatments he needed were beyond what a sitter could provide. And boarding would stress him.

In 2009 I crammed all 4 levels of HTA into one year so I could take it locally. But I was sick or injured for 3 out of 4 weekends. And that is when HTA founder Carol Komitor recommended that I begin working with Victoria. So thanks to the improved health for all of us, I will attend this fall’s Healing Touch for Animals Advanced class even though it is out of town."  S.R. -Pennsylvania